1st December 2018 opening of the Schossalmbahn NEW
1st December 2018 opening of the Schossalmbahn NEW
1st December 2018 opening of the Schossalmbahn NEW
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June 2019
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Schlossalmbahn NEW - Ski Fun at the highest level

From 1 December 2018, the ski area Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel will be a real attraction. The new construction of the Schlossalmbahn does not only inspire with its original and at the same time sophisticated architecture. The project skilfully blends modern design with cutting-edge technology.
The transport capacity of the new Schlossalmbahn is more than doubled from 1,400 to 3,000 people per hour. Since the entry into the ski area is a pleasure.
In addition to the construction of the railway is also invested in the expansion of the slopes. 200,000 m2 of new runs are waiting to be conquered. And with the new storage pond a powerful snowmaking is ensured.

Infinite ski fun in only 9 minutes!

There are only a few ski resorts in Salzburgerland, where you can experience more than 1000 meters of perfect piste after just one gondola ride. In Gastein you can enjoy this luxury even on 4 ski mountains. Whether at the entrance to the valley with the drive to the Fulseck or at the end of the valley with the ride on the Kreuzkogel, Salzburg's highest glacier-free ski mountain.
As soon as you get off, more than 1000 meters of fun on the slopes awaits winter sports enthusiasts. On the Stubnerkogel, both the drive to the spectacular center of Bad Gastein offers more than 1000 vertical meters. But also on the other side into the Angertal they blow up the 1000 mark. With the new Schlossalmbahn now comes the next sheer endless pleasure on the slopes. From the mountain station at 2073 meters to the valley station at 850 meters, you have the feeling that the turns never end.
And only 9 minutes later you are already back on top. One must have experienced that once.

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