Felsentherme Bad Gastein
1200 m elevation
unique panorama
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A true highlight at 1200 m above sea level, renovated in 2014, in the heart of beautiful Gastein Valley in Salzburg: Felsentherme Gastein. Surrounded by alpine nature and the rocky crags of the Hohe Tauern mountains.

18 hot springs feed the pools of this spa resort. Emerging from the ground at 42°C, the temperature is then adjusted to each individual pool. Due to the water’s elevated radon and mineral content, these waters have always sparked the interest of medical experts.


Guests who bathe at the Felsentherme are able to enjoy the beneficial effects of the water, unwinding after a strenuous day out on the piste or after a lengthy hike. Warm water promotes blood flow in fatigued muscles and thus helps the body to regenerate even faster.

Tal der Thermen - Gasteinertal

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Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Astoria

Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Astoria
Hikeable Gastein, 3 nights & 2 guided hikes, 3 nights incl. Astoria Deluxe Half-Board, incl. 2 hikes with our hiking guide Christian
3 nights from € 201,-
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Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Alpina

Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Alpina
Hikeable Gastein, 3 nights & 2 guided hikes, 3 nights incl. Alpina Deluxe Half-Board, incl. 2 hikes with our hiking guide Christian
3 nights from € 207,-
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Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Tauernblick

Hikeable Gastein at Hotel Tauernblick
Hikeable Gastein, 3 nights & 2 guided hikes, 3 nights incl. Deluxe Half-Board at Hotel Alpina****, 2 hikes with our hiking guide Christian
3 nights from € 165,-
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Areas of Felsentherme Gastein

The “Ruhetherme” is the classic area of this spa resort, featuring water at pleasant temperatures and quiet relaxation zones that are pure joy. A place to unwind and recuperate, an escape from the daily routine enhanced by the ambience of the Hohe Tauern and impressive landscapes of Gastein Valley. The “Erlebnistherme” is the ideal spot for children and families. 600 m2 and separate pools offer fun in and around the water for big and small, with pleasant 34° C temperatures. A highlight in this area is undoubtedly the 70 m-long water slide. In addition, a flowing canal and rocky grotto promise an appealing change of pace. A visit to the thermal waterfall is yet another special feature of the Felsentherme and unique in Gastein.


Fresh air, alpine nature, imposing mountains – these are the essential ingredients of the outdoor spa resort. Relaxing in the open-air pool, with the warm water from Gastein’s hot springs making the actual air temperature irrelevant. If you are looking for a more physical workout, you might wish to check out the lap pool with its 24° C water, inviting you to get in a high-energy swim surrounded by glorious countryside.

The Felsentherme is open in winter daily from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. and in summer from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Felsentherme Außenbecken
Felsentherme Wasserfall

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Hotel Norica WELLNESS

Hotel Norica WELLNESS
2 days of wellness including unlimited entry into the 32.000m2 large Alpentherme Gastein - Europe's most modern alpine health and wellness oasis!
2 nights from € 209,-
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Good Friends at Hotel Norica

Good Friends at Hotel Norica
From 3 nights – incl. deluxe half-board, - 5% for two rooms, 10% for three rooms and 15 % rebate when you book four or more rooms at Hotel Alpina!
3 nights from € 324,-
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Hotel Astoria SPA HIT

Hotel Astoria SPA HIT
Recharge your batteries, let go, enjoy unique relaxation in the Spa Hotel Astoria in Bad Hofgastein. Including one-time free admission to Alpentherme Gastein!
2 nights from € 167,-
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Sauna World at the Felsentherme

Whether a hot 90°C in the Stollen- and Graukogel saunas, or a milder 40°C in the saltwater grotto. At the Felsentherme, everyone in search of regeneration finds the temperature that’s right for them. After a visit to the Panorama Sauna or the Knappen Sauna, step out onto the sun deck where you can stretch out and relax even more. Added amenities include infrared cabins and steam baths that stimulate your cardiovascular system and, with the help of special lighting effects, envelop visitors in a whole new world.


By means of a variety of infusions in the individual saunas, guests can custom-tailor how they spend and enjoy their personal day at the spa. Based on your own physical constitution and overall wellbeing, the different saunas here invite you to take all the time in the world, and savor each and every moment.

Treatments and Fitness

Whether a partial or full massage, an aroma massage or a feel-good massage, the right treatment awaits everyone, young or old, here at the Felsentherme. If you are looking for something more unique still, we suggest enjoying the relaxing and reenergizing benefits of a foot reflexology massage.


For a more sporting experience, the 150 m2 fitness area greets you with a wide range of possibilities. Treadmills, free weights and stationary bikes offer sports-minded guests all the variety and challenges they could wish for.

Distance from the Thermenhotels

The Felsentherme is located in Bad Gastein, ca. 9 km from Bad Hofgastein in Gastein Valley, reachable by car via the B167 main road in around 15 minutes, though public transportation is also possible.


In Bad Gastein, there aren’t too many parking opportunities available, so it’s best to leave your car at the car park for the Stubnerkogel lift. From there, you simply need to cross the pedestrian overpass to the spa resort itself.

Spa Holidays in Winter

From Bad Hofgastein, you are just 15 minutes from Bad Gastein and the Felsentherme. After an intensive 250 kilometers of pistes in Sportgastein and as many as 900 km across the entire Amadé ski alliance, the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein provides the perfect finishing touches. Whether skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, ski touring or snowshoeing – with an energetic, active day outdoors under your belt, the most important thing is to find the ideal way to recharge your batteries. In the shorter days of winter, Gastein Valley is radiant in a very special light, ideal for spending the evening hours in the outdoor pool of the spa resort and quietly winding down a glorious day.


Especially because of the alpine elevations of the spa resort and the unique radon waters of Bad Gastein, the recuperative effects are particularly intensive. During springtime, whether out sun-skiing in the mountains or floating in the open-air pool of the Felsentherme, you put yourself in a perfect position to observe the nature of Gastein Valley reawakening after its winter sleep.

Skifahren in Sportgastein
Langlaufen in Bad Gastein

Spa Holidays in Summer

Whether in spring as the flowers begin to blossom, for a summer wedding, or in autumn as the leaves put on a show of vivid color, those months outside of winter are equally special and unique here in Gastein Valley. Due to the high elevations of Bad Gastein, guests are treated to particularly beautiful views of the surrounding mountain world. After a hike up to one of the numerous peaks or perhaps just a leisurely stroll through the park, unwinding at the spa resort promises a perfect conclusion. And to ease whatever aches or pains you might have, you are certain to find a treatment that is “just what the doctor ordered”.


You can explore Gastein Valley by mountain bike as well, of course. Clearly marked, designated tours are just waiting to be discovered. Whether challenging climbs or exhilarating downhills, you can recover afterwards at the spa resort and raise your energy levels for the coming day’s new adventures. Radon waters and alpine elevations are a perfect combination.

Mountainbiken in Gastein
Wandern am Palfnersee