Wellness Hotels – Bad Hofgastein

Back in 1946, the World Health Organization defined physical, psychological and social wellbeing and thus laid the foundation, not only for curing illness, but above all enhancing people’s sense of overall wellbeing.

The path to wellness in the classic sense had been created, though the actual journey to that much sought-after destination was a long one indeed! From the 1950s on, the term “Wellness” has been used in the United States as an umbrella term for a whole new concept of health. Yet in today’s world, we are still not truly certain what that actually means ...

In that regard, much has changed in recent years! A pool combined with a steam bath and sauna doesn’t suffice in order to offer wellness in a meaningful way.

Guests have become well-informed and have high expectations – “back to the roots” is definitely the name of the game! Wellness has to be authentic and true to the concept – the entire package is required, a package of carefree experiences, without any “ifs, ands, or buts” – no-nonsense, an “honest” approach to wellness.

Whether healthy nutrition, the water from hot springs, medical treatments, to name but a few of the essential elements – or simply relaxing and escaping the daily grind – the guest has a full voice, and often a very clear perception of what his or her wellness needs are. And these needs are always taken into account here in Gastein Valley.

History of Wellness in Gastein

Back in the 15th and 16th centuries, Gastein Valley was already becoming a destination for those in search of therapeutic bathing opportunities and recuperation (a precursor to the wellness of today, if you will) and was frequented by many famous guests: these included Emperor Frederick III, Paracelsus, as well as Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Though wellness was already being offered in Gastein Valley, for normal human beings like you and me such things were very remote. The concept had not even been born; the idea that it was just as important to avoid illnesses as cure them simply did not yet exist!

But then, in the 1940s, the Gastein Healing Galleries were basically “discovered” as a form of health facility – by chance, explorers came across the hot steams with elevated radon content which seeped through fissures and heated the rocks to over 40° Celsius. This basically turbo-powered the Gastein Region in the direction of wellness. Unique in its time – a perfect climate in combination with hot springs, which was used either prophylactically or in order to target specific illnesses. Very soon, we were world-famous as a center for healing and therapy.

Relaxation and Wellness

But Gastein Valley continued to develop, keeping pace with the times and perfecting the opportunities – first in the direction of prevention, then towards “relaxation”. The latter theme is closely tied to the wellness concept. In fact, in recent years an entire industry has developed to create the machinery for “wellness”. In Gastein valley, however, we have remained true to our roots, yet reinterpreting the theme in keeping with the demands of our times. The need for wellness, far removed from a world filled with pressure and compulsion, is as great as it has ever been. Guests wish to truly unwind and enjoy.

Thermenhotels Gastein were seemingly created for the purpose – essentially, the “ultimate” in wellness hotels. This begins with the wellness areas themselves, but also spans balanced nutrition as well as treatments in all shapes and forms – there are so many different approaches to wellness based on your personal demands and tastes.

Thermenhotels Bad Hofgastein

4-star-superior Hotel Norica with its unique Celtic Spa, for example: A Celtic approach to wellness from A-Z as interpreted here in a form unique in all of Austria. Here, we explore our Celtic roots, whether along the “Tree-of-Life Path” or in different spa areas – such as the Celtic Sauna, Celtic Water and Celtic Family – this is wellness in a whole new form. For those who wish to combine wellness with active enjoyment, we suggest the 32,000 m2 Alpentherme spa resort – included for guests of Hotel Norica – with its absolutely sensational facilities.

4-star Hotels Alpina and Astoria lend themselves to guests wanting to take a more modest approach to wellness matters. Of course, they also feature their own spas, whilst also offering the widest range of treatments imaginable, ideal for escaping the cares of the outside world.

Our latest experiences have also shown that guests aren’t merely looking for wellness inside the hotel itself, presented to them on a platter, so to speak. They also want to take full advantage of the amazing setting, of course. Gastein Valley was seemingly created for precisely that purpose – alpine pastures, mountains, high plateaus, summer or winter – wellness in Gastein is truly something special!